JD NatashaLatin Spotlight is an opportunity to focus on one Latin public figure. The last two weeks have consisted of two well-known celebrities, Eva Mendes and Wilmer Valderrama. Latin Spotlight also serves another purpose of promoting talent that may not be as recognizable.

JD NatashaThis week I am putting the spotlight on JD Natasha, who hails from Miami. She is an 18 year-old singer-songwriter who performs in both English and Spanish. Her father is from Argentina and her mother is Cuban American. JD Natasha has released her music in both English and Spanish essentially building a fanbase in both markets simultaneously.
JD NatashaShe released an album titled “Imperfect-Imperfecta” and Emilio Estefan mentioned that it was one of his favorite albums of the year. Because of her young age, she caused some commotion when she appeared on the cover of Maxim en Español.
JD NatashaShe has performed and presented in various award shows including MTV Latin VMAs, Premio Lo Nuestro, and The Latin Billboard Awards. She is usually pardoned for her outlandish fashion fashion fauz pas because of her rock roots and the fact that she is young.

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