cristinatopyPrimera Hora reports that media executive Topy Mamery and wife Yolandita Monge have written a letter to Cristina Saralegui basically saying how happy they are that her show is over.

Apparently, there is some beef between them ever since Cristina interviewed singer Noelia about her infamous porno video. For those that don’t know Yolandita is Noelia’s mother and she was apparently very upset over what was said in the broadcast.

We laugh whenever old people act all childish.

CLICK HERE to read the letter they sent Cristina.


Few times have I found happiness in the demise of others but these words are to let you know how happy Yolandita and I are that your show has been canceled.

It really makes us happy. What goes around comes around! This is a perfect phrase in this case. Do you think it’s too forward of me to say that? You were forward and abusive with Yolandita, with me, and with my whole family. You know what I am referring to. Perhaps, after looking at yourself in the mirror, you couldn’t control the jealousy and so you attacked Yolandita. Always and without reason.

The lies, the defamation, and the edited interviews were your weapons. You took advantage of your position in the media to attack us for no reason.

But life takes many turns. We all make mistakes but only the valiant rectify. Obviously, you are not part of this group. Professionally speaking, you are no longer in any condition to keep showing yourself on the television screen. It’s about time you stay home. Yolanda, on the other hand, continues working and starts her new tour in two weeks. That’s life.

God will give me the opportunity to tell you what I think about you, but in person. In a plane, a restaurant, or some activity. You will pay with tears just like you made my wife, my kids, and my whole family cry. I will not move a finger. Life has already started to give you what you deserve. And you know what? I’m thrilled!

I’ll see you around,
Topy Mamery

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