chris11.jpgThey looked like such a happy family…we feel for the kids.

Here is the latest and greatest on the whole Chris Perez divorce battle:

  • Venessa is apparently going after the properties and wants to keep it all.
  • We’re hearing that she is telling everyone that she still loves Chris and wants things to work out.
  • Her friends and family jokingly refer to her as The Kumbia Queen for her yearning to be attached to the Quintanilla name and fame.
  • Chris’s family jokingly refer to her as The Lady of Luxury because of her expensive tastes that he has to pay for.
  • Chris is rumored to dabble way too much in alcohol and hard drugs, and Venessa claims that she is now clean.

PS – Check out the comments that have been left on a previous published entry about Chris and Venessa. That in itself is a battle.

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