It’s not just mere coincidence that Banda Carnaval bares the name it bares.

These proud sons of Mazatlán, Sinaloa, are on a mission: to throw a really good party! Whether it’s singing and dancing with their notorious collective energy live on a stage, or bringing all their fun and games to us in digital form, the result is the same: explosive. Their previous albums “Renovar o morir” and “De Sinaloa para el mundo” are testaments to this.

This time around, Banda Carnaval is back with a fantastic new album “Máximo Nivel,” and a new single “Gente Batallosa,” in collaboration with fellow banda Calibre 50.

It’s an effervescent new cut that brings the best of the famous bravía sinaloense. The rest of the album is an incredible blend of cumbia, ranchera, balada and, of course, the legendary corridos.

It’s also not mere coincidence that Banda Carnaval has the relationship that it has with its fans: to these guys, their fans are like family.

In a candid interview with Acceso Total, our friends from Banda Carnaval reveal this and much more. Don’t miss it!

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