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Yuri Wants a Yalitza in Her House

Yuri recently said she wants a Yalitza Aparicio in her house. Her exact words were, “Si alguien me está viendo ahí de Oaxaca por favor yo quiero una Yalitza pa´ mi casa, me urge, me urge.” She is not the character she portrayed in Roma, and maybe Yuri realized she said something inappropriate. The singer […]

Mira Quien Baila Line-Up Announced

Mira Quien Baila: All Stars has announced its full line-up. Chyno Miranda, Pedro Moreno, model Denise Bidot, Clarissa Molina, El Dasa, Sherlyn, TV personality Amara “La Negra,” and former boxer Ivan Calderon are the participants. El Dasa participated six years ago, but due to an injury, he had to leave the competition. He said he’s […]

Yuri Wants Fernanda Castillo For Bioseries

The bioseries phenomenon continues. Yuri said that hers is in the works for 2019 and she has the perfect actress in mind to play her. She wants Fernanda Castillo, adding that she’s not only a good actress, but she also resembles her a little. “Me encantaría que fuera ella, he visto su trabajo y es […]

Galilea Montijo Calls Out Yuri On Gay Adoption Stance

Galilea Montijo called out Yuri on “Hoy” for her comments on homosexuals adopting kids. Yuri believes gays should not be able to adopt children – but Gali sees it differently. She said “por más figura pública que seas, no te da derecho a juzgar”. On Hoy, she went off on the subject adding “Debemos respetar, […]

Yuri Tells Crowd to Shut Up and Educate Themselves For Booing Her

Yuri told a crown to shut up and to educate themselves. The singer was being recognized for her contributions to families – but the audience saw differently and decided to boo her instead. You see, she recently said that homosexuals should not be allowed to adopt kids – citing her religious beliefs. The crowd booed […]