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Yandel Rescues Stranded Man in Flood

Yandel did a good dedd! Due to heavy rains, many streets in the city of Miami got flooded and many people got stranded. Cars were unable to travel on several avenues in South Florida – and in one known case a man was stranded in the waters in a motorized scooter. In comes Yandel to […]

Wisin and Yandel Make Fans Believe They’re Getting Back Together

Fans everywhere are thinking that Wisin and Yandel are getting back together. This all started at Zion & Lennox‘s concert in Puerto Rico this past weekend – W and Y did perform together for the first time in a while, but it seems that’s the end of the story. The two posted somewhat misleading words […]

Wisin and Yandel Recording Together Again

Wisin and Yandel are getting back together on song! Wisin revealed to “People En Español” that they are going to be uniting their voices once again on two songs. They both are prepping solo albums and one song will go on each of their productions. “Tu Tienes” will go on Wisin’s album and Yandel will […]

Yandel and Becky G Teaming Up on Song For Social Issue

Becky G and Yandel have teamed up! They are joining forces for a live performance to galvanize support around a social issue: Ensuring abandoned and vulnerable children have a safe, loving and permanent family. Yandel will perform a newly created version of his hit “Somos Uno” alongside Becky G live at this year’s Global Citizen […]

Miguel Cotto and Yandel Partner With Tidal

What do Miguel Cotto and Yandel have in comming?? A lot actually – and now this. They have both partnered with Tidal. Their collaboration with the music streaming services consists of a live streaming concert with Yandel from Puerto Rico. By the way, it was also announced that Yandel will perform at the Cotto vs. […]