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Yandel Hospitalized After ATV Accident

Yandel was in an accident! He was shooting some scenes for “La Voz Mexico” on a four-wheeler ATV and somehow lost control. He was taken to the hospital and we’re being told he will remain there for 48 hours just for observation. He is stable and recovering – and we got this photo as proof […]

Yandel Reveals Why He Went on His Own

Everyone has wondered why Wisin y Yandel are doing their own thing. They have both said that it’s because they each just want to have fun on their own for a while – BUT now we are finding out more. Yandel opened up and said the real reason behind this temporary split is because of […]

Yandel Joined by Casper Smart at Music Video

What are these two doing together?? Yandel shot a music video this weekend in California and someone familiar was at the shoot – Casper Smart! What is Jennifer Lopez‘s boyfriend doing there?? Is he just a backup dancer? Is this his breakout moment?? Was JLo there??!

Yandel Releases Video of Hable De Ti

Yandel has finally revealed his new video as a solo artist for the song “Hablé De Ti”. It’s visually captivating with its black and white and architectural backdrop – however it goes nowhere. It starts off strong with interesting imagery but then the storyline drops and he ends up pacing down and running up the […]

Premios Juventud Shoes Shoes Shoes

We all had a blast with Premios Juventud last week and we saw all of the fashion on the red carpet. BUT many of you wrote in asking to see the shoes! Could it be that some of you have a foot fetish?? Regardless, ask and you shall receive. CLICK HERE to check out a […]