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Veronica Castro and El Loco Valdes Reunited at Baptism

Look who came face to face!! Veronica Castro and El Loco Valdes!! The two put their differences aside and both attended the baptism of Cristian Castro‘s daughter, Rafaela. Reunited and it feels so good!

Veronica Castro Sued by Former Employee For Supposed Unjustifiably Firing

Veronica Castro is being sued by a former employee for supposedly being unjustifiably fired. Apparently the former employee wants the actress to pay her eight thousand dollars for getting rid of her for no reason, and for not getting paid according to legal standards. Veronica has filed in court to defend herself, but in the […]

Veronica Castro Gets Novela Offer From Her Brother

El Güero Castro is getting his next telenovela ready and who does he want in it?? His sister Veronica Castro! He has offered her the job but that doesn’t mean it’s a guarantee we will see her on TV – that it all depends on her. It’s when SHE decides. Come on, Vero!! Do it!

Veronica Castro Got Her Eyes Operated On

Veronica Castro went under the knife! No, no, no…not a plastic surgery. Well, at least that’s what her peeps are saying. She apparently just got her eyes operated on in Argentina to fix a problem with her vision. Of course, we’ll be looking out to see if she looks any different!

Veronica Castro Denies Getting Married Soon

This one has been denied. The rumor that is. There was talk that Veronica Castro would be getting married with her Uruguayan boyfriend but she flat out said nope! Her response: “No marriage. That would be ridiculous.” Sounds like there is no way she is saying ‘I do’ for this dude!! Not the right guy […]