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Veronica Castro and Producer of Show Battling Out

Veronica Castro and the producer of a show are battling out! The iconic actress has been acting in a play called “Aplauso” for the last few months. She was told by producer Fela Fabregas that they would keep on putting on the theatre production until December. However, Fela told Veronica this week that the show […]

Cristian and Loco Valdez at Veronica Castro’s Musical Debut

As we told you, despite of the blackout at the debut of her musical, Veronica Castro still got a standing ovation at the end of the night. Two of the people cheering for her were her son, Cristian Castro, and her ex, Manuel “El Loco” Valdez. Critian shared the image saying “Junto a mi padre […]

Veronica Castro Musical Debut Comes With a Blackout

Veronica Castro has made her debut in the musical “Aplauso”, but it wasn’t smooth sailing. The show itself ran into a major problem when there was an electrical blackout right before the end of the first act. It didn’t matter much. The actors stopped for ten minutes but then the show went on without a […]

Veronica Castro Back in the Spotlight

It’s been a very long time since anyone has heard anything from Veronica Castro, but she’s coming back! The Mexican actress is returning to the stage and has announced her next project. She will be the lead in a play called “Aplauso.” The last time Vero did anything was a few year ago. She’s apparently […]

Veronica Castro and El Loco Valdes Reunited at Baptism

Look who came face to face!! Veronica Castro and El Loco Valdes!! The two put their differences aside and both attended the baptism of Cristian Castro‘s daughter, Rafaela. Reunited and it feels so good!