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Los Tigres Del Norte Break Attendance Record in Houston

Los Tigres Del Norte have ser a new record se the Houston Rodeo. The official attendance number at their concert was 75,586. They beat Cardi B who had just set a 75,580 attendance record days before. That is very impressive.

Los Tigres Del Norte Perform At Folsom Prison

Los Tigres del Norte continue to make history. 50 years after Johnny Cash‘s remarkable performance at Folsom Prison, Los Tigres have followed his footsteps becoming the the first major live act to do the same in that venue. During their performance, they invited one of the inmates to play and sing with them. Los jefes […]

Alejandro Fernandez and Los Tigres del Norte on One Song

Alejandro Fernandez and Los Tigres del Norte on one song! The single is called “Para Sacarte De Mi Vida” and it tells the story of a breakup and the pain that goes along with it. One of the verses goes “No hay nada que perder, será mejor morir y renacer”. Ouch. The collaboration came to […]

Los Tigres Del Norte Fined Half Million Pesos For Singing Narco Corridos

Los Tigres Del Norte have been fined in Mexico. They were slapped with a 500,000 peso penalty (equivalent to roughly 26,000 dollars) for singing narco corridos in their show in Chihuahua. It’s against the law to sing narco corridos in that city – and, ironically, the rule was put into place after the 2011 shooting […]

Los Tigres Del Norte Stand Strong in Front of Trump Tower

There they are!! Los Tigres Del Norte lined up in front of Trump Tower in Las Vegas to talk about important issues and raise voting awareness in the Latino community. Of course, they discussed immigration, education, and overall treatment of Latinos by Donald Trump. Latinos united!! Tigres for President!!