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Shakira Would Love To Work With Mana

Almost any artist would love to work with Shakira – but who does she want to work with?? Shaki chatted virtually with her fans and was asked this very question. The Colombian singer said she would love to collaborate with Mana. YES! Let’s make this happen!!! Hello, Mana??!

Shakira Strips in White Strips Commercial

Shakira stripping in a commercial?? Yes, but not really. The Colombian songstress is the face of a brand of white strips so she strips in the ad for it. Get it, strip?? Anyway, she doesn’t take off much. Don’t get too excited. CLICK HERE to see!

Shakira Really Starting to Show Second Pregnancy

She’s really starting to show. The latest pics of Shakira show her dressed up a little more frumpy than usual but we don’t blame her one bit – as we all know she is preggers right now. There is no hiding that baby bump now!

Shakira Having Another Boy

It’s another boy for Shakira!! Her own parents told “Hola”: “She’s having another baby boy – a playmate for Milan.” When asked about any names the singer is thinking about for her second baby they said they didn’t know. Maybe, Rome?? Florence??

Shakira in Middle of Computer Virus Phishing Scam

This will serve as a news story AND an alert! There is currently a phishing scam that is going around the Internet that is wiping out the memories of many computers and destroying hard drives left and right…AND it involves Shakira. A fake news link from “El Universal” that promises to lead to exclusive images […]