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Shakira Posts Pic of Sasha and Fans Go Like Crazy

The power of Sasha! Shakira posted a photo of her little one on Facebook and it’s been a ‘like’ magnet! 1,600,000 people have given it their like – and that includes FB creator Mark Zuckerberg. The caption of the pic was simply : Sasha out for a stroll! That stroll was basically accompanied by almost […]

Shakira Compares Gerard Pique and Son Sasha

This is quite adorable! Shakira shared a photo of her son Sasha and her man Gerard Pique to show just how similar they are! They do look alike but that hair takes the cake!! Same!!

Gerard Pique and Milan Have Father-Son Bonding Time

Sasha this, Sasha that! With the arrival of Shakira‘s new baby, it seems every bit of news is about the little one – but what about big bro Milan?? Well, he got to spend some one-on-one time with dad, Gerard Pique, as the two checked out a basketball game in Spain. Cute!

Shakira and Gerard Pique Sharing Even More Pics of Sasha

Ok ok, enough. We know we asked for his face pic – but we got it. Not need for more. At first, Shakira and Gerard Pique shared only a photo of their son Sasha‘s foot and we complained saying we wanted his face. We got the pic of his face (cute) but now they are […]

Shakira Shares Face Pic of Son Sasha

We wanted the face and we got it! Shakira shared the first non-foot pic of her son Sasha on Facebook. He really is adorable! We’re so glad she decided to show him off – cute kid!