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Sergio Mayer Mori Baby Mama Says He Never Sees His Daughter

‘Hola’ magazine has a story about Sergio Mayer Mori and his daughter Mila…and they say that she is his ‘consentida’…but is she really?? The mag got to chat with Sergio and his baby for an article and the publication calls the time they spent with the two ‘unforgettable’ – but Sergio’s baby mama is chiming […]

Sergio Mayer Mori Ain’t That Big Down There Says Natalia Subtil

Natalia Subtil went for a low blow on Sergio Mayer Mori. A few months ago, naked pics of SMM were leaked online – and people were impressed with his, um, size. Well, she says it’s not like that. According to “El Universal”, Natalia mentioned “¿Qué va a enseñar? Es súper flaco. Esas fotos que ustedes […]

Sergio Mayer Gives Refuge to Son’s Baby Mama and Child

Sergio Mayer Mori‘s baby mama lost her home in the earthquake that devastated Mexico City on September 19th. Natalia Subtil was at home bathing her daughter, Mila, when the quake happened. She grabbed her baby and ran out of the building – unable to return because of the collapsing walls and ceilings. She was essentially […]

Sergio Mayer Says Son Not Qualified For Solo Para Mujeres

The cast for Solo Para Mujeres has been revealed and it includes David Zepeda, Jorge Aravena, Latin Lover, Eleazar Gomez, among others. When asked if his son would be considered for the project, Sergio Mayer said no and explained that they want people with a career and his son doesn’t have it. “Mi hijo, que […]

Barbara Mori Latest Post Might Confirm Son’s Rehab Rumor

It’s being said that Sergio Mayer Mori was in rehab…and a new Instagram post by his mom could indicate that it’s true. Barbara Mori posted the following message online – “La vida ocurre. Experiencias van y vienen, siempre con una enseñanza. Todo cambia. Y cuando menos te das cuenta el amor florece, se manifiesta. Y […]