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Selena Quintanilla Series Coming to Netflix

Selena Quintanilla on Netflix!!! The media company has greenlighted a scripted series that retells her life. Netflix has released a teaser for Selena: The Series, which the streaming service said was “developed alongside, and will be executive produced by, The Quintanilla family.” The teaser references one of Selena’s biggest hits, “Bidi Bidi Bom Bom.” Dubbed […]

Selena Quintanilla Murderer at Risk of Getting Killed by Fellow Prisoners

The woman who murdered Selena Quintanilla is at risk of getting killed. It’s been more than 23 years since Yolanda Saldivar shot the iconic singer in the back after a money dispute at a meeting in a hotel – however the pain is all too real for some fans still. Abraham Quintanilla revealed that he […]

Selena Quintanilla New Pic Making Fans Go Crazy

Another never-before-seen pic of Selena Quintanilla! AB Quintanilla shared the photo of the singer when she was real young, posing with her grandfather. Check out the do! Selena was murdered over two decades ago so any new pic we get to see of her is always a treat. The fans are loving it and sharing […]

Selena Quintanilla Series First Sneak Peek

The Selena Quintanilla series is well on its way…and here is the first sneak peek. “El Secreto De Selena” is the unauthorized story that the Quintanilla family is NOT backing and very upset with Maria Celeste Arraras for making it happen. Check out the first preview…

Maria Celeste Arraras Names Actress Who Will Play Selena

Maria Celeste Arraras has revealed who will play Selena in the series based on her book. She said: ¡Esta NO ES SELENA! Es la aclamada actriz mexicana Maya Zapata que ha sido escogida para interpretar a la querida cantante en “El Secreto de Selena” la miniserie sobre la investigación y juicio sobre su vil asesinato. […]