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Rosie Rivera Gives Her Two Cents on Nephew Being Gay

What does Rosie Rivera have to say about her nephew, Johnny Lopez, now that he is in a gay relationship? Fans of The Riveras are interested to know what she thinks – especially because she is devoutly religious. She posted the following on Facebook to clear things up… “Que pienso de que mi sobrino Johnny […]

Rosie and Juan Rivera Sign Contract With Sony Music

Rosie and Juan Rivera founded Linea Music, a record label to launch new artists in the Regional Mexican music genre. They just took an important step and signed an alliance with Sony Music Latin. Juan said, “Con una visión renovada y diferente en el ámbito musical, se firmó el contrato con SONY comprometidos a trabajar […]

Chiquis and Rosie Rivera Hit The Mark at Premios Billboard

Chiquis and Rosie Rivera did not miss out on Premios Billboard. The two looked beautiful in elegant dresses with touches of sexiness – Rosie showing her shoulders and Chiquis with some transparency. The sexiest thing they have on…confidence!!

Chiquis and Rosie Rivera Spending Jenni Rivera Death Anniversary Differently

It has been four years since the death of Jenni Rivera. Time flies but the pain and sadness can still remain. So how are Chiquis Rivera and Rosie Rivera spending this day? Chiquis told “Hoy” that she will be with her siblings and may visit Jenni’s Refuge to spend days with single mothers that the […]

Rosie Rivera Gave Birth to Baby Boy Days After Walking Red Carpet

Rosie Rivera‘s baby was born! Just a few days ago she looked gorgeous on at the Latin AMAs dressed in hot pink with her baby belly…and now the baby is here. Rosie said “Dios mio…Gracias por este regalo hermoso…Desde el cielo hasta nuestros brazos…Elias “el hombre de Dios” ha llegado sano.” Welcome to this crazy […]