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Rodner Figueroa and Boyfriend Go Engagement Ring Shopping

Rodner Figueroa is getting the ring! The TV host and his boyfriend are in Paris to bring in the New Year and they are taking the plunge. No, not the plunge to 2016…the plunge to marriage. Rodner and Ernesto Mathies are engagement ring shopping in the most romantic city in the world. This is a […]

Rodner Figueroa Has a New Grey Furry Look

Rodner Figueroa has got a new look! The TV host has given his hair and face a rest and has allowed the greys and the beard to come out. He posted the pic you see here on social media with the following caption: “No filter, no hair dye, not shaved.” We actually love it!! What […]

Rodner Figueroa Back on Social Media

Rodner Figueroa is back…well, on social media. He had been absent online since he was let go from Univision. Rodner shared this pic of the sun, sky, and ocean with the following caption: “¡Qué día más bello! Solo quería darles las gracias por su apoyo y su cariño. Los amo.” Welcome back, Rodner.

Carlos Calderon and Jomari Goyso Join Sal y Pimienta

TWO will replace Rodner Figueroa! Carlos Calderon and Jomari Goyso will be the new hosts of “Sal y Pimienta”. Both will join Lourdes Stephen on the Sunday night show-business headlines show. They will help present the show starting officially this Sunday, April 5th. Do you likey??

Rodner Figueroa Believes He Was Fired For Trying to Unionize Univision

The battle between Univision and Rodner Figueroa is not over! TMZ has obtained a letter sent by Rodner’s lawyer to Univision in which they claim the TV host was actually fired because he was standing up for Latinos and fighting to get them unionized. He says the network cooked up a phony excuse, claiming it […]