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Ricky Martin Pulls Foundation Event From Trump Golf Club

Ricky Martin has also decided to dump The Trump!! Last week, the boricua singer criticized Donald Trump on Twitter for his anti-Mexican rant, saying: “A lot of hatred and ignorance in your heart.” Now he has pulled the annual Ricky Martin Foundation charity golf tournament from the Trump International Golf Club in Río Grande,Puerto Rico. […]

Ricky Martin and Wisin Recording Together Again

Are Ricky Martin and Wisin the new Jennifer Lopez and Pitbull?? This is why we ask…JLo and Pit have done countless songs together – well, now Ricky and Wisin are up to the same! They already have “Frio” and “Adrenalina” in the bank and, you guessed it, they have another coming out soon. Here they […]

Ricky Martin Writes Letter For Matteo and Valentino in Time

“Time” invited Ricky Martin to participate in this year’s ‘Letters From Dad‘ feature and he wrote a beautiful piece to his sons, Matteo and Valentino. CLICK HERE to read.

Ricky Martin Wears Kilt During Concert

How fashion forward of him!! Ricky Martin kicked off his One World tour in Monterrey, Mexico and, from what we hear, it was an amazing show! Everything, as usual with Ricky, was on point. The lights, the choreography, and the wardrobe. Ricky even surprised everyone by wearing a skirt, em, kilt on stage!! We love […]

Ricky Martin Calls Caitlyn Jenner Cover Elegance

Regardless if he likes it or not, Ricky Martin is an important figure, if not a symbol and leader, for the LGBTT community. So when the “Vanity Fair” cover of Caitlyn Jenner came out, everyone wanted to know what Ricky thought. The singer quickly took to social media and wrote one word: “Elegance!” We gotta […]