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Ricky Martin Will Allow His Kids to Get Tattoos

Ricky Martin has plenty of tattoos so he was asked if he would allow his kids to get inked themselves. He said yes – but as long as there is a meaning behind them. “I think it’s fine, I don’t have an issue with those kinds of things. As long as there is a meaning […]

Ricky Martin Sings in English and French on Adios

The new Ricky Martin song is out! It’s called “Adios” and we’ve got the English/French version for you to check out. The song is pure Ricky – actually, his biggest hit focused on the word ‘loca’ and this one has a strong emphasis on the word ‘loco’. CLICK HERE to listen.

Ricky Martin Not Dating Ian Thorpe

Ricky Martin and Ian Thorpe??? Nope! There are rumors that Ricky and the Australian swimming star are now boyfriends – BUT it’s not true. Rondine Alcala, the Puerto Rican singer’s publicist told “People En Español” that it’s one hundred percent false. Who will the chismosos pair him up with next??

Ricky Martin Rumors About Saying Adios to La Voz Mexico

There is so much talk going on right now about Ricky Martin and “La Voz Mexico”. As you know, he is a coach on the fourth season of the show alongside Yuri, Julion Alvarez, and Laura Pausini. Well, the gossip is that he is not happy with the lack of organization in the production, that […]

Ricky Martin Wants a Daughter Next Year

A few months ago Ricky Martin mentioned that he wants a daughter. Well, now he has an idea of when. During a visit to Puerto Rico he said that this year is out – but he’s looking possibly at next year when he isn’t working as much. Daddy’s girl in 2015!