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Ricky Martin and Edgar Ramirez Celebrate Working Together in Miami

Ricky Martin and Edgar Ramirez are in Miami shooting “Versace: American Crime Story” – which means they get to hang out in the hottest spots of the city. The Puerto Rican Pop star and the Venezuelan actor celebrated with friends and cast of the show, including Darren Criss and Dascha Polanco at Juvia in Miami […]

Ricky Martin Sings in Underwear Like Tom Cruise

This is too good! Ricky Martin pulls a “Tom Cruise” on “Lip Sync Battle” by singing Bob Seger‘s “Old Time Rock & Roll” in his underwear. That slide on to the stage is perfect!!

Ricky Martin Does a Lenny Kravitz Nude Moment in Las Vegas

Ricky Martin has made his debut in Las Vegas and everyone is giving him thumbs up for his show. While the response has been positive, everyone is talking about one particular moment in the show that opened eyes and raised eyebrows. In a video show on the giant stage screen, Ricky walks by naked with […]

Ricky Martin Pushes Back Wedding

Ricky Martin has pushed back his wedding date. The Puerto Rican superstar and artist Jwan Yosef were supposed to tie the knot in the coming months – but no more. Apparently, Ricky wants to take a year off after saying “I do” and he won’t be able to because of his Las Vegas residency coming […]

Rebecca de Alba Now Speaking Nicely About Ricky Martin

Rebecca de Alba has changed her tune on Ricky Martin. A few years ago she said that the singer didn’t behave like a gentleman with her – but now it seems she’s cool with him. With all this talk about his wedding, “Suelta La Sopa” asked Rebecca about her thoughts and she said “Es un […]