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Ricky Martin Channels The 20s For Adios Music Video

Ricky Martin is just days away from premiering his latest video. It’s to the single “Adios” and it looks like he’s going with the whole 20s theme. He shared a pic from the set of the vid and he’s sporting facial hair from that decade too! You like??

Ricky Martin and Wisin Bring Their Adrenalina to Mexico City

Boricua duo power! Ricky Martin and Wisin sang “Adrenalina” together at Ricky’s first show from his “Live In Mexico” tour. The concert, which gathered some 20,000 fans, took place at the Palacio de Los Deportes in Mexico City. Tonight, Saturday, is the second show in the same city and then Ricky is off to Guadalajara. […]

Ricky Martin Performing in Exchange For Plastic Bottles or Diapers

Now this is pretty cool! Ricky Martin is going to perform in Bueno Aires – but you can’t buy the tickets. The way to gain access to the show is to bring in five plastic bottles or a pack of diapers. The show will benefit several local organizations as well as the Ricky Martin Foundation.

Ricky Martin Will Allow His Kids to Get Tattoos

Ricky Martin has plenty of tattoos so he was asked if he would allow his kids to get inked themselves. He said yes – but as long as there is a meaning behind them. “I think it’s fine, I don’t have an issue with those kinds of things. As long as there is a meaning […]

Ricky Martin Sings in English and French on Adios

The new Ricky Martin song is out! It’s called “Adios” and we’ve got the English/French version for you to check out. The song is pure Ricky – actually, his biggest hit focused on the word ‘loca’ and this one has a strong emphasis on the word ‘loco’. CLICK HERE to listen.