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Ricardo Arjona Suprises With Tommy Torres at His Concert

Ricardo Arjona performed in Puerto Rico’s Coliseo and surprised everyone with a special guest! Tommy Torres!! The Puerto Rican singer joined the Guatemalan singer to perform “Asignatura Pendiente”. The audience LOVED it – they applauded the duet performance for two minutes straight. Their on stage collaboration was actually planned last minute. Ricardo simply called Tommy […]

Ricardo Arjona’s Daughter Joins HBO Series

Adria Arjona. Last name sound familiar?? Yep, she is the daughter of Ricardo Arjona! Now she is making her own mark – she has joined the cast of the second season of HBO’s “True Detective”. Adria will be acting alongside Colin Farrell, Vince Vaughn, and Rachel McAdams. OK, let’s just say it…Ricardo has a hot […]

Ricardo Arjona Puts Us at Ease With Video Shot in Roatan Honduras

Ricardo Arjona‘s latest video puts us at ease. It was shot in Roatan on Honduras and it is paradise. A perfect location for the song “Lo Poco Que Tengo”! CLICK HERE to watch!

Ricardo Arjona Gives Teaser of New Video Lo Poco Que Tengo

Ricardo Arjona is showing us a quick clip behind-the-scenes of his new video. It’s for the single “Lo Poco Que Tengo” and he shot it in gorgeous Roatan, Honduras. CLICK HERE to see the preview of his vid!

Ricardo Arjona Platinum and Number One

Congratulations Ricardo Arjona! He went Platinum in Argentina!! This is a big week for the singer-songwriter. On May 13th he’ll hold a private concert only for the member of his Mundo Arjona fan club in Miami and “Apnea”, the first single from “Viaje”, is #1 on the radio Latin Airplay and #1 in Mexico.