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Mayra Matos Claims Sexual Assault in Beauty Pageants

Mayra Matos, Puerto Rico’s rep at the 2009 Miss Universe contest, has made clear statements about sexual assault in the pageant world. “Esto también pasa en *Puerto Rico*. De una manera menos organizada hay decenas de hombres a los que llamo “queen hunters”. Todos los años los mismos buscan acercarse a las candidatas de los […]

Loser Beauty Queen in LGBT Pageant Pushes Winner Off Stage

A runner-up pushed the winner in an LGBT beauty pageant in Durango, Mexico. “Reina de Reinas 2018″ named Aranza the winner and Lady did not like it at all. She immediately approached Aranza and pushed her off the stage. Apparently, Aranza suffered some minor injuries. For now, no charges have been filed.

Vanessa De Roide Pregnant

Vanessa De Roide is pregnant. The “Nuestra Belleza Latina” winner revealed the news for the first time on “Despierta America” and shared that she can’t believe that she is a mom-to-be. We haven’t heard much of Vanessa since she took the crown in 2012 – but she now joins the list of NBL moms. Congrats!

Beauty Pageant Almost Goes Up in Flames On Stage

A beauty pageant contestant miraculously escaped unharmed after her elaborate costume went up in flames. The model was posing on stage in a feather headdress in the Cuisnahuat region of El Salvador when disaster struck. As she walked past a man holding a flaming torch the model, she came too close and was ablaze in […]

Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez Called Hypocrite on Gun Stance

Miss Colombia Laura Gonzalez got second place at the Miss Universe pageant on Sunday night – beat out by Miss South Africa. There are two headlines about Laura at this moment…one is of how far she got…and the other is of her being a hypocrite. You see, in the questionnaire section of the contest, she […]