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Christian Nodal Shines Bright in Vegas

Christian Nodal is the new up and coming star of the Regional Mexican genre and he just opened his U.S. tour in Las Vegas. It was no ordinary presentation, he opened the concert for none other than Marc Anthony. The audience received him with a warm welcome as he took an impressive command of the […]

Raul Lizarraga Sarabia Regional Mexican Singer Missing

Regional Mexican singer Raul Lizarraga Sarabia is missing. His family reports that they last heard from him on September 5th and he was last seen in Tijuana. According to reports, Raul has dual citizenship – US and Mexican – and lately has been frequently crossing borders to record his album in Mexico and to perform […]

Jorge Medina and Josi Cuen Run Into Each Other

An image is worth a thousand words and this one comes at a perfect time. Jorge Medina and his former Arrolladora bandmate, Josi Cuen, ran into each other at an airport and both seemed very happy to see one another. Both shared the photo on social media, Jorge saying “Chulada encontrarte compañero Josi! Años y […]

Regional Mexican Cruise in the Works

Banda music in the middle of the ocean. Allow us to explain. To commemorate el “Día Nacional de la Banda” a cruise where different bandas would be playing is being organized. Banda MS, Banda El Recodo, and Recoditos are the first names to be mentioned to be taking part in this unique event. The ship […]

Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez Back in Love and Showing The World

In case there was any doubt, Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Mendez are back in love. After days of teasing with a few videos of each other, Lorenzo published this pic with a caption saying “La sonrisa es la mejor medicina para el alma, Y la curva más hermosa de la mujer #Smile #Chizo #LuckyMan” Chiquis […]