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Lorenzo Mendez Ex Has Sit Down With Primer Impacto

Claudia Galvan is not taking things lightly. She sat down with “Primer Impacto” to discuss all of her current issues with her ex Lorenzo Mendez. Claudia is angry that Lorenzo fails to pay child support – to instead be with Chiquis Rivera. This has turned from a few social media comments here and here to […]

Lalo Mora Makes Out and Cops a Feel With Fan

Lalo Mora really gave it to a fan! At a recent concert, the Regional Mexican star was approached by a female fan and the two embraced in several kisses and he got real grabby with her. Woah Lalo! We’ve seen other stars, like Enrique Iglesias and Maluma, lock lips with fans…but not like this! A […]

Calibre 50 Receives Pandora’s Billionaire Award

Calibre 50 just received a huge recognition. Pandora gave the band it’s first Billionaire Award for reaching more than two billion spins on the music platform. The band is just seven years old, but they have managed to successfully target different audiences. Eden Muñoz, the lead singer of the band, was clearly emotional with such […]

Chiquis Rivera Seems to Send Lorenzo Mendez Ex a Message

Did Chiquis Rivera send Lorenzo Mendez‘s ex a message on social media?? It seems like she spoke directly to her when she got on Instagram stories to vent a bit. Chiquis said “Tenemos que entender que siempre va haber gente y mujeres y hombres ardidos, y es parte del show, es parte de estar en […]

Banda MS Singer Not Cool With Maluma Lyrics

Oswaldo Silvas Carrion of Banda MS is not down with Maluma‘s lyrics. The singer says that he doesn’t let his kids listen to the Colombian artist’s songs because he feels the content of the lyrics is too racy. Oswaldo said “La mayoría de sus letras son canciones que yo jamás permitiría a mis hijos escucharlas, […]