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Banda Cuisillos Singer Murdered

Francisco Ernesto Ruiz, one of the singers of Banda Cuisillos, was murdered in his home. According to reports, many armed men forced their way into the singer’s home and shot him. The motive is still unknown. The band release a statement saying: “Con mucho dolor, lamentamos la sensible pérdida de nuestro gran Hermano, compañero y […]

Bronco Sings Corrido For Film Coco

Bronco is not known for singing corridos, but they will now. They recorded “El Corrido de Miguel Rivera” for Disney PIXAR’s new film, Coco. The band said it was an honor to be singing this for the protagonist of the film. Of course, Bronco is no stranger to singing children’s songs, but this is at […]

Banda MS Singer Missing Wallet Found Thanks to Honest Fan

Oswaldo Silvas Carreon of Banda MS lost his wallet and found it thanks to social media. The singer posted a video informing his followers that he had misplaced his wallet in Guadalajara and pleaded to have it returned. He said he had no money in his wallet, but did have important documents. He offered a […]

Eden Muñoz of Calibre 50 Starts Challenge to Get Donations

Eden Muñoz of Calibre 50 is doing his part and getting others to do so as well! He has started a social media challenge, much like others we’ve seen that go viral, and he is asking this friends to join in. The idea is that he challenged five celebrity friends to donate – and they […]

Montez de Durango Welcomes New Member

Montez de Durango has a new member…sort of. The band had a presentation in Chicago, the band’s hometown, and the grandson of founder Jose Luis Terrazas hit the stage. Two-year-old Jose Luis Terrazas III stole the show and people’s hearts as he played and entertained the fans. This is not his first time on stage […]