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Jorge Medina Hospitalized After Three Day Birthday Celebration

Jorge Medina is out under doctor’s orders. His manager has released a statement saying the Regional Mexican singer has been hospitalized and, as a result, is canceling his shows scheduled for November 22-25. He didn’t go into further details but did say he has the best medical care looking after him. Jorge just turned 44 […]

Pedro Infante In Google Doodles

Pedro Infante‘s 100th birthday was celebrated in a very special way. Google decided to dedicate its Doodle to commemorate the date. The Mexican legend’s memory is still very much alive. What an honor to see his legacy being acknowledged.

Regulo Caro’s Daughter to Make Film Debut

Regulo Caro will not be the only famous one in the family for much longer. His daughter Elizabeth is making her film debut with none other than Finn Wolfhard from Stranger Things. Regulo told us that his six-year-old did a casting a few months ago, got the call back and landed the role. He couldn’t […]

Banda Cuisillos Singer Murdered

Francisco Ernesto Ruiz, one of the singers of Banda Cuisillos, was murdered in his home. According to reports, many armed men forced their way into the singer’s home and shot him. The motive is still unknown. The band release a statement saying: “Con mucho dolor, lamentamos la sensible pérdida de nuestro gran Hermano, compañero y […]

Bronco Sings Corrido For Film Coco

Bronco is not known for singing corridos, but they will now. They recorded “El Corrido de Miguel Rivera” for Disney PIXAR’s new film, Coco. The band said it was an honor to be singing this for the protagonist of the film. Of course, Bronco is no stranger to singing children’s songs, but this is at […]