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Pilar Montenegro Not Wheelchair Bound Proven in Pics

Pilar Montenegro seems to be doing just fine. There have been stories about her health deteriorating – some even saying that she is bound to a wheelchair. However, journalist Jessica Maldonado posted photos that prove that Pilar is doing much better than that. Here we see her posing with a big smile with Sergio Mayer. […]

Pilar Montenegro Could be Using Wheelchair Due to Debilitating Desease

Pilar Montenegro is suffering from a a disease that has her crippled in a wheelchair…this according to “Televisa Espectaculos”. The actress and singer has apparently been diagnosed with ataxia – which causes problems with coordination because parts of the nervous system that control movement and balance are affected. She hasn’t performed much recently, but when […]

Pilar Montenegro May Have a Drinking Problem

Does Pilar Montenegro have a drinking problem?? That’s what TVNotas is alluding to! They claim to have captured photographs of the Mexican celeb drinking two days straight and wearing the same clothes for 48 hours! Sucia? A friend of her supposedly talked to the mag and said: “The truth is that there can’t be a […]

Pilar Montenegro Named Queen of Mariachis

Every year a new Queen of the Mariachis is elected and the one for 2012 will be…Pilar Montenegro. Oh, Woooow! How did they get her to say yes and take a break from her ultra busy schedule of mega international fame??? This woman hasn’t been able to produce another hit after Quitame Ese Hombre, so […]

Pilar Montenegro to do Playboy

Taking it off!! Pilar Montenegro has agreed to pose naked for Playboy! This news doesn’t really surprise us. Hello?? What else does she have going on? Besides, she’s already posed numerous numerous times semi nude so totally nude is only the natural next step. What does surprise us is that the mag may feature her […]