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Paulina Goto Gets Support From Ex-Boyfriend

Paulina Goto is releasing a new single soon. It has been a couple of months since she and Horacio Pancheri broke up, but he is still showing support to her projects. He congratulated her on the release of “Tu Sigue” and he predicted it would be a success for how hard she worked on it. […]

Paulina Goto and Horacio Pancheri Break Up

Paulina Goto and Horacio Pancheri are over. The actors have not officially confirmed the news but it is pretty obvious. They have stopped posting pics together on Instagram, which they used to do all the time. Paulina also celebrated her birthday and thanked everyone…but Horacio. A few days ago, some costars of Horacio talked about […]

Jorge Salinas Calls Paulina Goto Unprofessional For Posting Slapping Video

Jorge Salinas believes Paulina Goto lacks professionalism – this after the actress hit his lady, Elizabeth Alvarez, while shooting a novela scene and shared the incident on social media. You may remember, Paulina overdid the slap to the face and basically punched Elizabeth during a shoot. Pau later posted the video online and apologized all […]

Paulina Goto Dresses As Belle To Make Wish Come True

Paulina Goto made a little girl very happy. The actress was invited by the organization Dr. Sonrisas to surprise Aline, a young fan who is battling serious illnesses and whose dream was to meet Belle. Both Paulina and Aline dressed up as the Disney princess, played with makeup, danced and spent an unforgettable afternoon. So […]

Paulina Goto Bath Pic Ends Break Up Rumors

This picture put an end to the rumors that Paulina Goto had split with her man. It was being said that the actress and Horacio Pancheri broke up – but a picture really does say a thousand words…or in this case, enough words to squash speculation. The pic is of Paulina taking a bath…and her […]