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Olga Tañon Gets Apology From Peruvian Concert Promoter

Vindication! Olga Tañon got her apology from a concert promoter in Peru that completely messed and allegedly ‘kidnapped’ two people from her team over contract issues. The singer already published her statement placing the blame on a businessman named Roberto Ayllón – he has now said ‘sorry’ in a public way. He sent out the […]

Olga Tañon Cancels Show Over Three Kidnapped Sound Technicians

Olga Tañon was supposed to perform in the Ica region of Peru. The show was abruptly canceled and it was being rumored that the singer canceled because the stage was one meter short of her expectations. Olga says that is not true and instead blames the event organizer – and she also accuses him of […]

Olga Tañon Streams Concert Online For a Fee

Olga Tañon will perform at Puerto Rico’s Centro de Bellas Artes de Caguas on February 15th. But what if you can’t make it?? No worries! Olga is live streaming the concert and you can watch…for a price. The fee to see Olga’s concert digitally is $7.49 – and you get to enjoy the show from […]

Olga Tañon Facing Dad’s Iffy Health

All that Olga Tañón wants to do right now is be with her father, don José Tañón, who isn’t doing so well health-wise. Olga wrote the following on social media:

Olga Tañon’s Daughter Hospitalized With 200 Gall Stones

Olga Tañon‘s 16-year-old daughter had to be hospitalized on Monday. Gabriella Denizard Tañón was complaining of pains at home and threw herself on the floor. Olga called 911 and the ambulance quickly came to take Gaby to the hospital. It turns out that she had over 200 stones in her bladder!! Ouch! She was operated […]