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Niurka Marcos Slams Karla Souza For Rape Allegations

Niurka Marcos really has no compassion when it comes to Karla Souza‘s allegations that she was raped by a director. When asked about the hot topic, Niurka answered “Hace 12 años, ¿de veras amiga? ¿qué chiste tiene cuando tuviste que dar el fundillo?¿A poco ustedes creen que no me han pedido el fundillo? Mí fundillo […]

Niurka Talks About Televisa Actress Sex Catalog

Niurka Marcos is the latest celeb to talk about the infamous Televisa sex catalog. But she took it further and accused all major networks of having one. “Catalogo no hay en Televisa nada más, hay en todas las televisoras, ¿quieren que las mencione? Telemundo, Univisión, Tv Azteca. Para que nos hacemos pend…, hay en todos […]

Niurka Marcos Flashes Boobs in Middle of Interview

Niurka Marcos surprised a reporter by flashing him in the middle of an interview. She was in a Q&A with Costa Rican radio show “La Roncha”, and the host asked her if she had undergone any plastic surgery. Niurka pulled her hair back to show her face, saying “Tengo 50 años y he sido transparente […]

Niurka Marcos Weighs in on Eduardo Yañez Slap

Niurka Marcos has had her own drama with the press…so what does she have to say about the Eduardo Yañez scandal in which he hit a reporter on a red carpet??! Plenty! She said “Lo peor que yo considero que hizo Eduardo Yáñez…lo que hiciste mijo es exhibirte públicamente, pero que categoría de pendejo eres, […]

Niurka Marcos Carefully Naked on Instagram

Niurka Marcos knows how to get attention. She got totally naked on hopped on an inflatable swan in a pool and had a mini photo session baring all. Niurka was careful and didn’t show nip – but her rear was on full display. Funny enough, it looks like she has a bathing suit on…but it’s […]