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Niurka Marcos and Sabrina Sabrok Insult Each Other on Twitter

Niurka Marcos and Sabrina Sabrok have unleashed on each other on social media. The digital war, full of profanities, has become a Twitter match as they both go on the attack in public view of their followers. You GOTTA READ what they have said!

Niurka Marcos Gets Into Fight on Reality Television

Niurka Marcos is at it again. We haven’t heard from her in a while…so it seems like she is making it all up at once. On the reality show ““Rica, Famosa, Latina”, she got into a heated discussion with castmate Victoria del Rosal – and it turned into an all out physical fight. Niurka pulled […]

Niurka Marcos a Judge on Soy Tu Doble

She always pops up when you least expect her. Niurka Marcos is back on television, ladies and gentlemen. This time she is part of the judging panel on the show “Soy Tu Doble” on Azteca Trece – so expect more out-of-this-world comments and zany behavior.

Ninel Conde Responds to Niurka Marcos Like a Lady

Ninel Conde has responded to Niurka Marcos‘ insults – but she did so like a lady. Ninel talked to the press and, of course, they asked her what she thought about Niurka’s words for her. She said: “What can I say guys, the truth is that she said many harsh statements and I don’t like […]

Niurka Marcos Calls Ninel Conde an Immature Irresponsible Pendeja

Niurka Marcos has once again lashed out against Ninel Conde! When several reporters asked her about Ninel, Niurka said: “She’s an idiot that doesn’t know what she’s doing. Immature, irresponsible. The solution for those type of people is that you, the press who has the power to do this, shows you don’t care about her, […]