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Niurka Marcos Pranked by YouTuber and Fake Paraplegic Fan

Niurka Marcos was pranked by YouTuber Rey Grupero – an the prank was not cool at all. Someone pretended to be a paraplegic fan of Niurka and when they asked for a kiss, they went into for a makeout session. Niurka chased them down and screamed at them for pulling that type of stunt. Watch […]

Niurka Marcos Son Not Picked on La Voz Mexico

Niurka Marcos and Juan Osorio‘s son tried out for ‘La Voz Mexico’…but he didn’t get picked. 15-year-old Emilio Osorio sang Bad Bunny and Enrique Iglesias‘ ‘El Baño’ in the blind auditions – but none of the judges turned around for him. Upon exiting the stage without triumph, he told his dad “Estoy bien, estoy bien, […]

Niurka Marcos Goes Topless During Interview

Niurka Marcos has done it again. Showing off her tatas for all to see. She was being interviewed on Montserrat Oliver and Yolanda Andrade’s show, when suddenly she dropped her top to the surprise of everyone. Niurka seemed very proud of the moment – even sharing it on social media. Has this become her thing?? […]

Magda Rodriguez Responds to Niurka Marcos

Niurka vs. Magda Rodriguez round 2. A couple of weeks ago, Niurka called Magda a “perra” for allegedly mistreating her daughter Romina. The producer has responded saying she was surprised by the comments. “Yo vi las declaraciones, me sorprendieron, yo creí que tenía una buena relación con Niurka, nunca supe que le hubiera afectado tanto […]

Bobby Larios Planning Show About Relationship With Niurka Marcos

Remember Bobby Larios?? He is ready to talk about his relationship with Niurka Marcos – on the stage! Yep, he is prepping a monologue to present in Miami. Bobby plans on sharing details of his tryst with the controversial actress in a humorous way that won’t offend anyone…which means that he hopes she won’t get […]