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Nicky Jam On Weight Gain Plan

Nicky Jam needs to gain 30 pounds. While many have decided to lose weight as their new year’s resolution, he has to gain it. He was instructed to do so by the makers of his upcoming biopic in which he will play himself in the days he was heavier. Nicky says he doesn’t mind because […]

Nicky Jam Called Nick Jam by Al Roker

Nicky Jam is a HUGE star…but Al Roker still doesn’t know who he is. The Puerto Rican artist performed in the Thanksgiving parade in New York and when Al went to introduce him, he said Nick Jam instead of Nicky Jam. We guess it could’ve been worse. A post shared by LatinGossip (@latingossip) on Nov […]

Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Nicky Jam, Luis Fonsi All Helping

Some of Puerto Rico’s biggest celebs hopped on a plane to the island to lend a hand. Ricky Martin, Chayanne, Nicky Jam, and Luis Fonsi all got together in Fort Lauderdale to head to PR for hurricane disaster relief. The four have worked for days to raise money and supplies for the people most affected. […]

Nicky Jam Putting on Concert to Raise Money for Puerto Rico

Nicky Jam wants to do whatever possible to help Puerto Rico. PR is suffering right now after getting hit hard by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. The entire island is without power and countless people are trapped due to flooding and fallen debris. Nicky says he will be putting on a concert to raise funds for […]

Celebs Share Worries and Well Wishes For Those in Hurricane Path

Several celebs are worried for those in the path of Hurricane Irma – as the category 5 storm approaches the Caribbean. Ricky Martin put up a video expressing words for Puerto Rico, saying “Espero que ya estén listos y preparados, espero que todos estén escuchando a las autoridades y a los telediarios. Espero que solamente […]