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Myrka Dellanos Reappears as a Model For a Day

We love when Myrka Dellanos reappears. The TV host strutted her stuff down the runway for fashion line Glaudi and looked amazing! She looks beautiful, don’t you think??

Myrka Dellanos Major Health Scare

Myrka Dellanos had a major health scare this past week. She underwent emergency surgery after complaining of stomach pains. Then doctors believed she had a blood clot – but it turned out to be a false alarm. Myrka took to Instagram and shared: “Reflecting on my many blessings and grateful to have my health. Even […]

Myrka Dellanos Daughter Gets TV Gig With Televisa

Myrka Dellanos is a TV icon for us Latinos…and now her daughter is prepping to do the same. Alexa Dellanos has reportedly signed on to be a television host. It’s being said that she has nabbed a gig at Televisa working in the sports segment of the network. We’re not sure if she has a […]

Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos Team Up Again

Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos are one of the most well-known pairings in Latin television history. Well, get ready, because they’re joining forces again! Myrka let her fans know that for the first time in more than ten years, they will be doing a show together! She told her followers to tune in to […]

Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos Team Up at Latin AMAs

It was a “Primer Impacto” reunion at the Latin American Music Awards! Maria Celeste Arraras and Myrka Dellanos walked the red carpet together and it brought back memories of feel-good nostalgia. The media and fans ate up seeing them together – and they were both loving it too. For those that think this was a […]