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Miguel Bose Takes Kids To Movie Premier

Miguel Bosé is a very private man, and especially, a very private father. He was recently invited to the premier of a movie and decided to take two of his kids with him. His sons Tadeo and Diego joined dad with matching outfits! The three looked very stylish!

Miguel Bose Sued by His Ex

Miguel Bose is being sued by his ex. According to reports, Ignacio Palau is taking Miguel to court after splitting up. Apparently they met some 30 years ago and have four kids together. In a statement released by Ignacio, he said he is willing to fight “las acciones judiciales necesarias para la defensa y protección […]

Miguel Bose Being Extorted Over Pics of His Kids

Miguel Bose is being extorted and it all has to do with his kids. Someone has reached out to the singer demanding 60,000 dollars in exchange for not publishing pictures of his four children. Miguel has purposely kept his kids out of the limelight and prohibited anyone from taking pics of them and posting them […]

Miguel Bose and Luis Fonsi Resolving World Problems Backstage

Miguel Bose and Luis Fonsi in a stern convo backstage at the Miss Colombia. Cameras snapped the two chatting away but the topic seemed to be serious. Turns out they were “Resolviendo el mundo” according to Fonsi. Miguel is very much involved in political protests and environmental causes and it seems that he was recruiting […]

Miguel Bose Wants Bimba Bose to Guide Him Following Her Death

Miguel Bose has released a statement regarding his beloved niece, Bimba Bose, passing away. He said “Buen viaje, Bimba. Mi cómplice, mi compañera, mi amor, mi hija querida. Guíame.” Bimba died at the age of 41 after battling breast cancer.