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Alejandra Guzman Not Siding With Frida Sofia or Michelle Salas

Alejandra Guzman is not taking sides in the family battle between Frida Sofia and Michelle Salas. The cousins are not seeing eye to eye right now and it all came to light when Frida posted “Ya estoy hasta la madre [de] que me comparen con Micheliiiitaaaa niñita linda güey…¡ya! Ya estoy hasta la madre.” You […]

Michelle Salas Discriminated Against For Speaking Spanish

Michelle Salas says she was discriminated against in a restaurant for speaking Spanish. She claims she was in the bathroom and another woman told her to stop speaking Spanish. Michelle is sharing the story in hopes to open people’s minds and also to reveal she is working with a movement to help spread some good. […]

Michelle Salas Supports Mom’s Rant Against the Luis Miguel Series

Looks like Michelle Salas is team mom. As we told you, Stephanie Salas did not appreciate how she was interpreted in the Luis Miguel series – she was basically portrayed as someone who broke up Luismi and his then girlfriend. After Stephanie posted online her complaint about the show, Michelle showed full support. She commented […]

Michelle Salas Called Out For Culturally Insensitive Photo

Michelle Salas is getting slammed for a photo she shared on social media. She went out for a day at el mercado while in Mexico for the Dolce and Gabbana fashion show and took many photos. The problem was a particular image where she’s standing next to an older lady in traditional Mexican and Michele […]

Michelle Salas in Dolce & Gabbana Fashion Show With Dad’s Music

Michelle Salas walked the Dolce & Gabbana fashion show…with her father basically. Let us explain. She was hand-picked by D&G to model for their first catwalk in Mexico City – and Luis Miguel also had a connection. The music being played was from Luismi’s new album so she walked wearing the high-priced items with her […]