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Mario Domm Didn’t Invite Samo to His Wedding

Wait a second! Mario Domm got married and didn’t tell us! Actually, he got married and didn’t tell Samo who was in Camila with him!! Samo basically laughed it off and defended Mario by saying if he didn’t invite him to the wedding surely it’s because he knows he is busy. We think it’s shady […]

Mario Domm to be Alejandro Sanz’s Special Guest

Alejandro Sanz has invited a special someone to join him onstage at his Mexico City concert in October. That special someone is Mario Domm. This isn’t the first time they share a stage – Alejandro invited him to duet on stage in 2011 as well. Of course, seeing Mario sing by himself just adds fuel […]

Camila Scandal After Racy Photos Leak

Ohhh! Look who’s in the middle of a naked pic scandal that’s brewing! Mario Domm and Pablo Hurtado of Camila might be a little red in the face after personal photos of the two of them leaked onto the net and onto the pages of TVyNovelas. Some of Mario in underwear in an empty tub, […]

Thalia Recording a Mario Domm Song

Thalia is preparing her new album! The singer finds herself in the studio in New York recording her new music and we’re learning about it little by little. She revealed that she is singing a Mario Domm song. At least we know she is in good hands – Mario does come up with some pretty […]

Romeo Santos Creates The Perfect Formula

We love creativity! As Romeo Santos prepares to release his solo debut album, Formula Vol. 1, the marketing for it has begun and we love what they’ve done. He works with artists from different genres such as Lil Wayne, Usher, Mario Domm, La Mala Rodriguez, Tomatito, Anthony Santos and Pitbull. So, to emphasize the ‘perfect […]