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Marco Antonio Solis Re-Releases Classic Hits

Marco Antonio Solis has had so many hits throughout his 42-year career. His new project brings the classics back. “En mi firme convicción de que sólo muere lo que olvidamos, me propuse la idea de actualizar muchas de las canciones que siguen presentes en el corazón de mis seguidores y que al mismo tiempo serán […]

Marco Antonio Solis Tribute Album To Be Released

Marco Antonio Solis has MANY hit songs and they are getting a new twist. Several artists recorded new versions of his Marco’s songs for a tribute to the singer-songwriter. Juan Luis Guerra and David Bisbal recorded “Si no te hubieras ido” and it will be the first song to be released from the album. Luis […]

Marisela Won’t Sing With El Buki Because of His Wife

In a recent interview Marisela said she would love to sing with Marco Antonio Solis once again – but his wife might be an issue. According to the singer, fans would be delighted, but that wouldn’t be as easy as easy as it seems because of certain “obstacles.” She said: “Sería muy bello para el […]

Marco Antonio Solis Gets Sexy on Social Media

Hello sexpot! Social media has a special place for sexy pics…The Kardashians are constantly showing body parts to their millions of fans. However, it’s not just them. Check out Marco Antonio Solis, for example. Showing off miles of leg in his bathrobe. After this photo, there are many who would want to be más que […]

Marco Antonio Solis Made Changes to Wax Statue Before Reveal

We told you Marco Antonio Solis revealed his wax statue in Mexico City…and now we got some interesting details about the making of. There are reports that he was involved in the creation of the figure and he supposedly requested two specific changes. Marco Antonio apparently wanted it slightly taller than his actual height – […]