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Lupita Jones Kicks Off New Beauty Pageant in Mexico

Lupita Jones has introduced a new beauty pageant for Mexico. Mexicana Universal will be the new competition that will prep one representative of Mexico to the coveted Miss Universe event. She mentioned “será algo completamente diferente que nunca se había visto en México.” Unlike previous years, this new search for a Mexican beauty queen will […]

Lupita Jones and Mexico Pull Out of Miss Universe

Looks like Mexico will NOT be participating in Miss Universe! Lupita Jones, a former Miss Universe herself who is still very involved in Mexico’s involvement in the competition, published the following message online: “Como mexicana me siento muy ofendida e indignada igual que todos, como Miss Universo me parece que Donald Trump le está haciendo […]

Zuleyka Rivera & Lupita Jones Walk Into a Bar

Two Miss Universe winners walk into a bar… Sounds like a joke, but it did happen! Zuleyka Rivera and Lupita Jones both attended a Venevision event in Miami and the photog couldn’t resist snapping the two of them together. La boricua queen is much younger than the Mexican one but Lupita can still give plenty […]