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Telemundo Reveals La Reina Del Sur 2 With Kate Del Castillo

“La Reina Del Sur 2″ is coming!! Telemundo has revealed that the second season of the show is happening and Kate Del Castillo is in! Fans have been waiting years for this! At first, there was talks about doing the second series without Kate – but, obviously, nobody wanted that. Get ready for La Reina […]

Kate Del Castillo Makes Badass Look Good

Kate Del Castillo has a solid body of work…and just a solid body too! She showed off her toned leg, toned shoulders at Premios Billboard, and toned arm with this dress that we’re loving. This is one badass woman that knows how to look good!

Kate Del Castillo and Carlos Ponce Hosting Premios Billboard

Confirmed! Kate Del Castillo and Carlos Ponce are hosting the Latin Billboard Awards! The show is coming up fast – it takes place on April 27th.

Kate Del Castillo Shares Domestic Violence at Hands of Luis Garcia

Kate Del Castillo is opening up about the domestic violence she suffered when she was married to soccer star Luis Garcia – without ever mentioning his name. In a video for the online series Real Women Real Stories, Kate says he started out with insults…saying she was a terrible actress and that she was getting […]

Kate Del Castillo Not Meeting El Chapo in New York

Kate Del Castillo does not have another meeting set up with El Chapo. Since the druglord arrived to The United States, it has been rumored that Kate would be coming face-to-face with him again. Not true. The actress was asked if she would be making a trip to NY to see Chapo, but she said […]