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Julio Iglesias Back on Stage

He’s back. Julio Iglesias is back to performing after having to cancel his show not too long ago. He sang in The United Arab Emirates – and it was uncertain if he would be able to pull through since he has been dealing with sciatic nerve pain for days. The Spanish singer thanked the crowd […]

Julio Iglesias Pushes Back Concerts Due to Sciatic Nerve

All of Julio Iglesias‘ concerts for the month of March have been pushed back. The Spanish crooner is dealing with an inflamed sciatic nerve which is causing him some serious discomfort. He won’t be able to perform per doctor’s orders as he is to get full rest for several weeks. His March shows have been […]

Julio Iglesias Gets Famous Friends to Make Cameos in Music Video

What are Cristiano Ronaldo, Rafa Nadal, Iker Casillas and others doing in a Julio Iglesias music video?? The Spanish singer asked several of his famous friends to participate in the video singing “Fallaste Corazon.” OK, not singing…but mouthing along to Julio’s voice. You gotta see it and see who else you recognize!! CLICK HERE to […]

Julio Iglesias Posts Beautiful Message For Wife on Her Birthday

This is adorable!! Julio Iglesias‘ wife, Miranda Rijnsburger, celebrated her birthday and he posted a simple yet meaningful message to her on Facebook. How millennial of him! He wrote: “Mami, feliz cumpleaños, no sabía cuando era joven que podía encontrar una persona como tú. Has hecho de mi vida un camino fácil y yo siempre […]

Julio Iglesias Back After Back Surgery

Julio Iglesias is back!!! The Spanish crooner just turned 72 years old and this birthday is extra special because it marks his return to the spotlight. He had to bow out of performing and had to undergo a serious back surgery. He explains that he is grateful to be back, is excited about his new […]