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Julian Gil Missed Visitation With Permission

The Julian Gil and Marjorie De Sousa drama lives on! This is how things get misconstrued… Julian let the judge know that he would be not be able to attend a visitation with his son, and the judge was cool with it. However, in talking to the press, Marjorie’s lawyers informed the media that Julian […]

Marjorie De Sousa Proves She Keeps Julian Gil in the Baby Loop

Marjorie De Sousa wants to set something clear…she keeps Julian Gil aware of all things going on with their baby, Matias. This past Friday, their son had an emergency and she called 911. According to the actress, Matias stopped breathing but the nurse jumped into action and the ambulance wasn’t necessary. It’s being said that […]

Julian Gil Showing Dad Skills With TBT

Julian Gil is determined to prove that he is a good father…even if that means having to do a TBT. The Argentinian actor published a photo of an old magazine cover featuring himself and his son back in 1998. He says “Miren a juliancito con casi 2 añitos #tbt año 1998 un reportaje que nos […]

Marjorie De Sousa Wins Legal Battle Against Julian Gil

Marjorie De Sousa has come out victorious in the legal battle with Julian Gil. She will have custody of their son, Matias – and he will only get to see the baby once a week for one hour in a government office. Julian must also give 20% of his salary to Marjorie for child support. […]

Julian Gil Discusses End With Marjorie De Sousa

Without going into details, Julian Gil discussed how the end of his relationship with Marjorie de Sousa went. He told “El Gordo Y La Flaca”: “Sí hubo ciertas fricciones y después surgieron ciertos sucesos que sí me hicieron no sentirme cómodo en la casa. Yo preferí apartarme un tiempo para que ella pudiera arreglar la […]