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Julian Gil Celebrates His Eldest Son

Julian Gil got to celebrate his son’s birthday…no, the other son. His eldest, Julian Jr, turned 23 and the actor made sure to shout from the rooftops on social media. He posted several pics of Julian Jr, in different times of his life, and wrote the following message, “Hijo, hoy es tu cumpleaños recuerdo con […]

Alicia Machado Gives Marjorie de Sousa Some Advice

Want to know how to make the Julian Gil – Marjorie de Sousa drama even nuttier?? Add some Alicia Machado! Upon seeing the reborn chaos between Julia and Marjorie and their battle over their son, Matias, Alicia decided to give some suggestions, you know, mother to mother. She said “Dios, pobre bebé. Me avergüenza. Si […]

Marjorie de Sousa and Julian Gil From Bad to Telenovela BAD

Things went from OK to really bad between Marjorie de Sousa and Julian Gil. As we told you, Julian had his first visit with their son, Matias, and all seemed to be calm between the former couple. However, Marjorie is now angrier than ever. She says Matias returned home acting strange. He didn’t want to […]

Julian Gil Sees Son For First Time and Marjorie de Sousa Shows Up

After three months of not seeing his son, Julian Gil finally got to spend time with him. The actor showed up to a scheduled court-ordered visit with baby Matias – and upon his arrival he was bombarded by the press. “Despierta America” was there to ask him if he ha any gifts for him, and […]

Julian Gil Compares Caged Immigrant Children to His Own Custody Woes

Julian Gil compared his son’s situation with that of the kids being caged at the border. Many people have voiced their opinions on the horrific situation happening at US borders in which children are being separated from their parents over immigration statuses and being placed in caged confinements. Well, Julian figured he would also speak […]