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Jose Maria Torre Dealing With Painful Back Issues

Ouch!! Jose Maria Torre is dealing with some back issues. He overdid it with weights in the gym and caused damaged to two vertebrae. The actor has been seeing a doctor to remedy the situation in his spine. JMT looks forward to being able to walk normally again – especially since he is shooting a […]

Jose Maria Torre & Gael Garcia Bernal Werk it

The Morelia Film Festival’s red carpet was a big scene for fashion but this time it was the guys that took the attention. Jose Maria Torre and Gael Garcia Bernal to be specific. JMT with his plaid suit and white shoes and GGB with a more casual look topped with a classic black blazer and […]

Jose Maria Torre Returns to Novelas

It’s been a while since he’s done anything on TV, but that’s all about to change! Jose Maria Torre has signed on to do the novela Corona de Lágrimas and he’ll play the middle child in the main family. He’s been busy with other projects, like his fashion designs and producing films, but now he […]

Jose Maria Torre Working on Movies & 3 Series

So, what’s up with Jose Maria Torre? It feels like forever since we’ve seen or heard from him. JMT spoke with the press this week to share what he has been up to lately. He is in post-production of the movie Musth and is working on getting three series of the ground! Three! Jose Maria […]

Trailer of El Efecto Tequila

Click to view video The movie El Efecto Tequila premieres in Mexico in a few days and we’ve got the trailer for you. It stars Eduardo Victoria, Jose Maria Torre, and Karla Souza and it’s about the greed and thirst for money laced with a love triangle. CLICK HERE to watch the vid.