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Iran Castillo Was NOT Lip Syncing Says Ari Borovoy

Many fans were disappointed to see the video in which Iran Castillo falls in the middle of her performance…not because she tripped, but because it appears that she lip-syncs. Iran tumbles over and the song continues with vocals as if nothing. Ari Borovoy, the producer of the ’90’s Pop Tour’, is adamant that there was […]

Iran Castillo Falls During Concert and Proves She Lip Syncs

Iran Castillo fell in the middle of her concert and proved to everyone that she lip-syncs. She was performing in Puebla, Mexico when she miscalculated a step and tumbled on stage. Miraculously, her voice kept on going as if nothing! Embarrassing. Hey, at least she got right up and continued as if nothing. Check out […]

Iran Castillo Sings For Free on Streets of Mexico

Very cool! Iran Castillo performed on the streets of Celaya, Guanajuato in Mexico! She sang some of the songs on her latest album for free out in public. Many fans had no idea what was going on until they recognized her and realized she was just doing her thing at no charge.

Jose Ron Confirms Iran Castillo Break Up

Officially official. Done. On Thursday we told you about all of the signs that led everyone to believe that Jose Ron and Iran Castillo had broken up. Well, it’s true and confirmed now. Jose wrote the following on social media: “The best moments in life are those that are born, are made, and live in […]

Jose Ron and Iran Castillo Have Broken Up

It’s over??! Already??!!! Jose Ron and Iran Castillo have apparently broken up. Just a few weeks ago they were saying that they have never been happier and totally in love – Iran even mentioned she wanted to have kids with Jose! Fast forward to today. They have stopped following each other on social media, Jose […]