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Ines Gomez Mont Cyst Detected in Head

Inés Gómez Mont took to social media to explain her absence from the show “Cuéntamelo YA!.” She shared that a cyst has been discovered in her head and she’ll be operated on. Ines says it’s a simple surgery done nasally and without any risk involved. At first she wanted to keep the diagnosis private, but […]

Ines Gomez Mont Leaving TV Azteca For Televisa

Ines Gomez Mont is making the move to Televisa. She will now be the host of “Cuentamelo Ya”. Ines is leaving TV Azteca after being there for 14 years…but she is doing so graciously, thanking the network and everyone she worked with. She confirmed the news, saying: “Me emociona muchísimo compartirles esta noticia, me uno […]

Ines Gomez Mont Celebrates Triplet’s Birthday

Celebrity kids birthdays aren’t usually anything of note…but, come on, there’s three of them! Ines Gomez Mont celebrated her triplet boys’ birthday and obviously they were loving their big day! She has her own set of Minions just like the cake! Wonder how long she’ll dress them alike. So cute!!

Ines Gomez Mont Not on Hoy as Expected But Why

For months there was talk that Ines Gomez Mont would be joining “Hoy”. Well, the new season started this week and no sign of Ines. She told “TV Notas” that she turned down the gig to focus fully on being a mom – but inside sources say that just isn’t true. Apparently, she was eventually […]

Ines Gomez Mont Publishes Message For New Baby

Ines Gomez Mont welcomed a new baby to her life a few days ago. This is her FIFTH child! The TV host published the following message for her littlest one: “Por fin llegaste, me urgía conocerte después de tanto deseo y tanta ilusión, te esperábamos con tanto, tanto, tanto amor y tanto deseo, eres mi […]