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Hector El Father Movie Has Trailer and Release Date

The movie about the life of Hector El Father has a release date. March 22nd will be when the flick premieres. The biographical movie will showcase the truth behind the Reggaeton artist turned man of God. As you know, Hector left behind a successful career in music to dedicate himself to his religion. Check out […]

Hector El Father Getting Harlem Shake Money Regardless

Hector El Father has devoted himself to God completely for years but now everyone wants to talk to him. Why?? For being the voice of “Harlem Shake”, one of the biggest hits of the moment, involuntarily. Hector Delgado (his real name) told Telemundo’s Jorge Bernal that he believes God planned this so people see that […]

Macho Camacho’s Mom Wants Grandkids DNA Proof

Hector Macho Camacho must be going crazy wherever he is because his family just won’t let him rest! The murdered boxer’s mom, Maria Matias, is going after his ex, Amy Camacho-Torres, and the three kids they had together! In a video interview for “El Gordo y La Flaca”, she claims that Amy is going after […]

Hector El Father Hires Lawyers Over Harlem Shake

If you’ve been online in the past month you probably know about “Harlem Shake”. The song is part of a viral video craze in which people dance like fools and just let loose! Anyway, there is a integral part in the song that yells out “con los terroristas!’ and it turns out that the voice […]