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Rosie Rivera in Battle With J-Unit Members, Graciela Beltran Calls it Karma

The last time we talked about Graciela Beltran it had to do with Jenni Rivera. Here we are talking about her again and, not surprisingly, it has to do with Jenni again. Several members of the Jenni fan club called J-Unit are in disagreement with Rosie Rivera and the family right now. Rosie claims that

Graciela Beltran NOT Attending Jenni Rivera Tribute. Duh.

They dared ask this??? OMG! Telemundo’s “Suelta La Sopa” asked Graciela Beltran if she plans on going to the Jenni Rivera tribute marking the one-year anniversary of her death. She didn’t hesitate in saying no. Graciela said that since they didn’t make up in life then it wouldn’t be right to attend. For once, we […]

Graciela Beltran Has a Pathetic Exit From Mira Quien Baila

Graciela Beltran was eliminated from “Mira Quien Baila” – but that’s not the story here. The real reason for us writing this is because she had the most lame exit in the show’s history! Not only did she have a terrible attitude, she also started to place blame on things other than her inability to […]

Graciela Beltran Brags About Being Alive

Graciela Beltran stooped to a new low! She is planning her comeback and returning from the darkness and it looks like she is yearning to make a splash. She has had some unpleasant conversations with Jenni Rivera fans on social media stemming from her questionable statement that nobody asked for. We’re not sure if her […]

Graciela Beltran’s Jenni Statement About Me Me Me

Graciela Beltran and Jenni Rivera were not friends. The two had a very public feud until Jenni realized that she was only giving Graciela free publicity and decided to stop. Well, Graciela has released a statement about Jenni’s death and basically shows her true colors. She starts it by saying that she has no regrets […]