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Geraldine Bazan Cast in Same Novela as Julian Gil

Well, isn’t this casting interesting. Geraldine Bazan has been cast in a new telenovela…and Julian Gil is also in it! The novela is called “Por Amar Sin Ley” and it’s an interesting choice to have them share the same set. As you know, Geraldine is divorcing Gabriel Soto – who has been linked to the […]

Geraldine Bazan Nothing to Say About Gabriel Soto Alleged Secret Daughter

Geraldine Bazan has nothing to say about rumors that Gabriel Soto has a secret child. It’s been revealed by Mexican media that the actor has a five-year-old daughter that nobody knew about – and “Suelta La Sopa” went directly to Geraldine to ask about it. She was returning to Mexico City from a few days […]

Gabriel Soto Slams TV Notas

Gabriel Soto is pissed and isn’t staying quiet about it. TV Notas published a story in which they alleged that Gabriel Soto had a lovechild. The magazine claims the actor had an affair with a makeup artist while still married to Geraldine Bazan which resulted in a third daughter for him. Well, he had enough […]

Geraldine Bazan Talks About Split in YouTube Video

Geraldine Bazan has broken her silence and is talking about her split from Gabriel Soto. In a YouTube video titled “Desde el Fondo de mi Corazon”, she opens up about what is going on in her life, in her divorce from Gabriel, and just how she’s feeling overall. She says a lot and nothing at […]

Geraldine Bazan Comment Indicates Focus on Kids Despite Divorce

Now that Gabriel Soto confirmed that he and Geraldine Bazan are separated, the media is out to find out more. One thing seems for sure, is that they are both taking the coparenting thing seriously for the well-being of their two kids. In a post Gabriel put up on Instagram, in which his oldest daughter […]