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Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan Make a Point to Coparent in Peace

Gabriel Soto and Geraldine Bazan are doing their best to coparent despite their split. They got together to celebrate their daughter’s birthday and Geraldine posted this pic with the following words “Ser mamá y papá va más allá de una relación en pareja… Ser padres es para siempre y por siempre estaremos aquí para ustedes […]

Gabriel Soto Shuts Down Reconciliation Hopes With Geraldine Bazan

Gabriel Soto is shutting down any chance of getting back together with Geraldine Bazan. You see, her mom is going around saying she hopes they reconcile…but Gabriel says nope. “Ventaneando” asked him about this and he said that he and Geraldine are moving forward with the process in an amicable way. He also says that […]

Geraldine Bazan Celebrated Birthday With Julian Gil and Entire Cast

There is news coming out of Mexico that Geraldine Bazan celebrated her birthday with Julian Gil. This would make for a huge story considering the drama that with Geraldine, Julian, Marjorie De Sousa, and Gabriel Soto. Remember for a while it as speculated that Gabriel, Geradline’s soon to be ex, was the actual father of […]

Geraldine Bazan Cast in Same Novela as Julian Gil

Well, isn’t this casting interesting. Geraldine Bazan has been cast in a new telenovela…and Julian Gil is also in it! The novela is called “Por Amar Sin Ley” and it’s an interesting choice to have them share the same set. As you know, Geraldine is divorcing Gabriel Soto – who has been linked to the […]

Geraldine Bazan Nothing to Say About Gabriel Soto Alleged Secret Daughter

Geraldine Bazan has nothing to say about rumors that Gabriel Soto has a secret child. It’s been revealed by Mexican media that the actor has a five-year-old daughter that nobody knew about – and “Suelta La Sopa” went directly to Geraldine to ask about it. She was returning to Mexico City from a few days […]