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Galilea Montijo Contract Unsure Thing

What is going to happen to Galilea Montijo?? That’s the question on everyone’s mind on Spanish-language television – and it all has to do with her employment. Televisa has majorly cut down on the exclusive deal it has with it stars. The network has surprised industry insiders and fans by not renewing contracts with some […]

Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta Prove They Are Friends

There’s a rumor that Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta are no longer friends – and it got worse thanks to a party. Gali had a party to celebrate her birthday and all her friends were there. Noticeably absent was Andrea! Why would she be the only ‘friend’ missing out?? Media and fans concluded that this […]

Paul Stanley Booted From Hoy For Galilea Montijo Burp Prank

Social media is being flooded with news about Paul Stanley getting the boot from “Hoy” for pulling a gross prank on Galilea Montijo…but it’s not that serious actually. In a game show segment of the morning program, Paul creeped up behind Gali and burped right by her side – causing her to react as if […]

Galilea Montijo Bikini Pic Sparks Pregnancy Rumors

This pic of Galilea Montijo enjoying a day in the sun has sparked pregnancy rumors. To be fair, she doesn’t look her super tight self in the image – so fans jumped to the conclusion that she is expecting. Turns out it was just an unforgiving pose. Gali was seen in other photos from the […]

Galilea Montijo Would Be Down to Move to Univision

Galilea Montijo…headed to Univision?? There is talk that Gali might be moved to host “Despierta America” – and she is totally fine with it if it comes down to that. She spoke with “La Taquilla” and said “Siempre lo he dicho, donde la empresa me diga, me iría a Univision, que Univision es parte de […]