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Gael Garcia Bernal Supporting Abortion Rights in Argentina

Gael Garcia Bernal is giving his two cents on the debate in Argentina over abortion. He wrote “Yo no soy nadie para decidir sobre el cuerpo de una persona. Pero puedo apoyar desde cualquier lugar, una ley que contemple los derechos de las mujeres por un país más igualitario de justicia social…1como amigo, como hermano, […]

Gael Garcia Bernal Agrees That Meghan Markle Looks Like Him

Meghan Markle looks like…Gael Garcia Bernal??? The Internet has exploded with comments about how much the new royal and the Mexican actor look alike! The talk is so loud that it got back to Gael – and he agrees! He says he was shocked when he saw her too. We gotta say, we agree! They […]

Gael Garcia Bernal and Natalia Lafourcade Singing at Oscars

Gael Garcia Bernal, Natalia Lafourcade, and Miguel are singing at the Oscars! They will be performing “Remember Me” from the movie “Coco”…and we can’t wait for that moment! Miguel sings the song in English and in the film Gael sings the song in Spanish. Natalia participates in the soundtrack in both languages. The track is […]

Gael Garcia Bernal Thanks Mexican Zone That May be Suing Him

Gael Garcia Bernal is responding with gratitude. News broke that the area of San Gregorio, Xochimilco in Mexico might be looking to sue the actor after he failed to keep his end of the bargain. As is being reported, he asked for permission to shoot in the zone in exchange for his helping them out […]

Gael Garcia Bernal May Be Sued by Entire Town

Gael Garcia Bernal is being hated on by the people of San Gregorio, Xochimilco in Mexico. The town is angry that the actor hasn’t fulfilled his part of a deal they made. Apparently, he offered to help the area of Xochimilco with an economic boost, opportunities for the residents, and extra work on the film […]