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Gaby Spanic & Former Assistant Battle it Out in Press

This is really getting messy! Gaby Spanic‘s former assistant, María Celeste Fernández, says Gaby used to hit on her constantly! She told “TVNotas” that Gaby pursued her for a long time! She said:

Gaby Spanic Says Poor Lady When Talking About Carmen Salinas

Since the beginning of the poisoning scandal happened in Gaby Spanic‘s life, there has been one person that has blasted her publicly saying she doesn’t believe a word in what she says. Carmen Salinas always said that Gaby was lying and she even went as far as to help the assistant that Gaby accused get […]

Gaby Spanic Goes From Sexpot to Librarian

Gaby Spanic has gone from sexpot to librarian?? The actress has done a 180 with her look. While working on the novela “La Otra Cara del Alma”, she was showing off a young, sexy, and revealing side to herself via her character. Now that she’s done shooting she cut her hair (or took off the […]

Gaby Spanic’s Former Assistant Preparing to Tell All

Uh oh for Gaby Spanic! Maria Celeste Fernandez, the former assistant that Gaby accused of poisoning her and her family, is preparing to tell all! She told El Gordo y La Flaca that as soon as she is given the green light by her attorney she is going to share all of the details and […]

Gaby Spanic’s Former Assistant Acquitted

She was acquitted! Maria Celeste Fernandez, former assistant to Gaby Spanic, has been cleared of the charges of poisoning the actress and her family! Two years ago Gaby had her arrested after supposedly falling ill due to a toxin that Maria Celeste was giving her in her food. This was a major story that drew […]