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Felipe Viel Joins Estrella TV as Host of Retofamosos

Felipe Viel has joined Estrella TV as the host of the celebrity game show “Retofamosos”. Felipe is ditching his signature suit and tie to show off his well-toned body with a hip, fashionable look with this one! In each episode, Felipe will

Felipe Viel and His Family do Hola

Felipe Viel keeps on being one of our favorites on television! Not only because we loved “Escándalo TV”, but also because his show with Charytin is a riot on Mega TV! The TV host covers the new issue of “Hola” with his wife by his side and inside there are pics of his two daughters […]

Celebs Strike Funny Poses at One Fun Holiday Party

Office holiday parties are starting to happen all over the world – and that includes the entertainment world! Talent manager Luis Balaguer held his festivity in Miami and many famous faces showed up – like Giselle Blondet, Maria Elena Salinas, Christian Meier, Ana De La Reguera, Felipe Viel, Raul De Molina, Alejandra Espinoza, Karla Monroig, […]

Felipe Viel Lends Hand to Kids Looking to Get Adopted

Felipe Viel will be the master of ceremonies at the event dubbed “Día de la Adopción” this Friday at the Miami Children Museum. Felipe will present to collaborate and raise awareness about the thousands of children that are waiting to find a permanent home full of love. He’ll be a part of a very special […]

Charytin and Felipe Viel Debut Their Fun and Exciting Show

They’re baaaaaaaaaack! Charytin and Felipe Viel reunited on television with a join program on MegaTV! “Charytin & Felipe El Show” debuted on Monday night and it was fantastic to see them together again! They have such incredible chemistry, they know how to play off of each other, and nothing looks forced – it’s just a […]