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Farruko Gives Middle Finger Amidst Rihanna Lyric Controversy

Farruko seemingly doesn’t care what people think about his controversial lyrics in the Victor Manuelle song “Amarte Duro” – in fact, he could care less! The Puerto Rican star hasn’t officially released a statement about the line in his featured rap that goes “Y te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a […]

Victor Manuelle Apologizes For Rihanna Lyric in His Song

Victor Manuelle has released a statement to apologize for the lyrics in the song “Amarte Duro.” In the song, Farruko‘s feature includes a line that says “te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a Rihanna” – which many fans are upset with. VM is responding to the backlash by taking full responsibility. […]

Farruko and Victor Manuelle on Blast For Insensitive Rihanna Lyric

Farruko and Victor Manuelle are being called out for an insensitive and downright shocking line in their duet “Amarte Duro” – and it has to do with Chris Brown and Rihanna. In his rap feature, Farruko says “Y te voy a dar bien duro como Chris le daba a Rihanna.” The internet is blasting the […]

Farruko Not Hiding Ankle Bracelet

Farruko is on house arrest and is not hiding the ankle bracelet he has to wear. The Urban music star got to travel to Colombia over the weekend for work commitments scheduled prior to his arrest. As you know, authorities jailed Farruko for failing to declare over 50,000 dollars cash when he arrived in Puerto […]

Farruko Says Airport Arrest Story Has Been Exaggerated

Farruko has posted a video to thank his fans and to say that this is the beginning of a new chapter in his life. The Urban music star says that things have been exaggerated because he is an artist but hopes it all gets resolved. As you know, he is under house arrest for failing […]