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Jennifer Lopez Thinks Eva Mendes is Wrong About Sweatpants

Oh, the sweatpants debate!! Last week, Eva Mendes joked that sweatpants were the number one cause of divorce in America – but Jennifer Lopez thinks otherwise! While at the “Home” premiere in Los Angeles, JLo told “Extra”: “I live in sweatpants. Men like that jiggle. I think she’s 100 percent wrong.”  Of course we know […]

Eva Mendes on Cover of Women’s Health Magazine

Looking pretty!! Eva Mendes has been out of the scene since getting pregnant and giving birth so what a surprise it is to see her here. The actress unexpectedly popped up on the cover of “Women’s Health”.

Eva Mendes Scared by Ellen Degeneres Baby Photo Reveal

Eva Mendes still has now shown a pic of her baby girl Esmeralda – so Ellen Degeneres did it for her! While on the talk show, Ellen said she would show the baby’s photo for the first time. Everyone was expecting a gorgeous little thing, knowing very well the parents are Eva and Ryan Gosling. […]

Eva Mendes Names Daughter Esmeralda Amada

We now know the name of Eva Mendes‘ baby girl! It has been revealed that the actress and Ryan Gosling have named their daughter Esmeralda Amada. You know…we love the name! You??

Eva Mendes Gives Birth to Baby Girl

Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling have welcomed a baby girl to their lives! And their daughter is said to resemble her mother. An inside source told E!: “It was very emotional for Eva and Ryan. They were both in tears when they saw their daughter for the first time! Everyone is saying the baby looks […]