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Esteban Loaiza Turns Himself In

Esteban Loaiza has turned himself in to start serving his three year sentence. He spent the day before at the beach, referring to it as his favorite place and thanked those who have been supportive of him during this time. “Aquí estamos fuertes y vamos a seguir a delante con la frente en alto y […]

Esteban Loaiza Sentenced in Drug Charges

Esteban Loaiza was sentenced to three years in prison. He will have to be in probation for five years, but the judge said he would be deported to Mexico once he is released. This comes after he plead guilty to one felony count of possession of cocaine with intent of distribution. Originally, he’d been charged […]

Esteban Loaiza Out on Bail

Esteban Loaiza has been released from jail. He was able to walk out from behind bars on bail. Esteban looked very frail compared to what he normally looks like. As you know, he was considered a flight risk because he was born in Mexico – so this legal move wasn’t so easy.

Esteban Loaiza Granted Probation

Esteban Loaiza finally caught a break. The judge granted probation after determining that his ex wife’s house, valued at $166,000, was enough to bail him out. The district attorney did try to fight it saying he would try to flee. He will be wearing an ankle monitor while the investigation in his case continues.

Esteban Loaiza Could Go Free On Bail

Esteban Loaiza appeared in court again. His bail was set to $200,000 and is considered a flight risk because he was born in Mexico and he made around $43 million in his professional career. His attorney argued that he is broke and close to his family in the United States. If Loaiza makes bail he’ll […]