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Ernesto Laguardia Does Drag for New Role

Ernesto Laguardia has undergone quite the transformation for a new role. He is participating in the play “La Homofobia no es Cosa de Hombres” where he plays the role of a drag queen. It took three hours on the makeup chair to get the transformation. “Lo que mas me apasiona de ser actor es poder […]

Itati Cantoral, Ernesto Laguardia, Eduardo Yañez Start Shooting Amores Con Trampa

New novela alert! Itati Cantoral, Ernesto Laguardia, and Eduardo Yañez star in “Amores Con Trampa” – and shooting just kicked off on it. In fact, this is the first pic taken from the set and it looks like Itati’s character is desperate for something. Just as we like her!

Fernando Colunga Making Directorial Debut With Obscuro Total

Fernando Colunga is doing something for the first time. He not only acts in

Ernesto Laguardia is Now a Businessman

Ernesto Laguardia is getting into the fragrance game. He is releasing “Angelito de Laguardia” and the slogan is “De un niño feliz, resulta un mejor ser humano”. The host and actor will then open up spots for children’s parties and event. We’re a little confused, but maybe there’s a good business here?

Ernesto Laguardia Acting in Novela

From hosting to acting. He’s out of Despierta America but now Ernesto Laguardia has signed on to do a novela. He will play the antagonist in Corona de Lágrimas. It’s always good to be flexible.