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William Levy Defends His Way of Celebrating Elizabeth Gutierrez Birthday

William Levy is backing his way of celebrating Elizabeth Gutierrez‘s birthday online. To celebrate her cumpleaños, the actor posted this photo of the two of them…and the caption was simply four celebratory emojis. Many followers called William out for being too plain and not writing something nice about Elizabeth on her bday. William responded to […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez Launches Lingerie Line

Elizabeth Gutierrez’s business ventures continue to grow. She already has a skincare line and now she has launched a lingerie line. Ely said that she feels that as a woman and more being Latina, being sensual and sexy is part of being a woman and lingerie is part of feeling confident and empowered. Her line […]

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez Criticized For Son’s Blonde Hair

William Levy and Elizabeth Gutierrez are being criticized on social media – and it’s over their son. The couple is getting some fan backlash over new pictures of their son, Christopher. He is sporting blonde hair now and the actor’s followers believe he is way too young to be dying his hair. Christopher is only […]

Elizabeth Gutierrez Takes to Social Media After William Levy Cheating Reveal

Elizabeth Gutierrez hasn’t exactly spoken out about William Levy‘s infidelity with Jacky Bracamontes – but she might sorta kinda have actually. When news broke out about Jacqueline revealing she was hooking up with William all while he was still with Elizabeth, everyone was in shock. Jacky says he told her he and Elizabeth were not […]

Jacky Bracamontes Divides Fans by Revealing Fling With William Levy

A few days ago, Jacky Bracamontes revealed that she and William Levy had a romantic fling…all while he was still with Elizabeth Gutierrez. She did this as part of the content that is in her autobiography. Some fans are criticizing Jacky for coming out with this information because it can essentially cause damage to William […]