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Eduardo Yañez Sued For Slapping Reporter

Eduardo Yañez is getting sued! Univision reporter Paco Fuentes is suing Eduardo for the red carpet attack that went viral nearly 2 weeks ago. In the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Paco says Eduardo hit him so hard, it caused people around him to “literally freeze in shock.” Paco says Eduardo continued menacing him by standing […]

Eduardo Yañez Apologizes For Slapping Reporter

Eduardo Yañez is sorry. The actor called in to “El Gordo y La Flaca” via satellite video to talk about his violent reaction to a Univision reporter’s red carpet interview. Eduardo said “Quiero pedirle una disculpa a Paco porque mi proceder no fue el correcto estoy de acuerdo con todos ustedes con el publico con […]

Gerardo Ortiz Rationalizes Eduardo Yáñez Slapping Reporter

There is one person that is supporting Eduardo Yañez. While most are blasting him for slapping a Univision reporter on a red carpet, Gerardo Ortiz is seemingly patting him on the back. In an Instagram post about the slap, Gerardo commented “Eso les pasa por metiches.” Most others jumped in to insult Gerardo for applauding […]

Niurka Marcos Weighs in on Eduardo Yañez Slap

Niurka Marcos has had her own drama with the press…so what does she have to say about the Eduardo Yañez scandal in which he hit a reporter on a red carpet??! Plenty! She said “Lo peor que yo considero que hizo Eduardo Yáñez…lo que hiciste mijo es exhibirte públicamente, pero que categoría de pendejo eres, […]

Univision Condemns Eduardo Yañez Reporter Slap

The Eduardo Yáñez slap was heard and seen around the world – and the majority are against this act of violence. We’ve heard what the reporter has to say…we’ve heard what Eduardo has to say…but what does Univision have to say??? The network responded with a statement of their own, saying… “Univision news, the award-winning […]