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Diego Boneta Rips Pants While Dancing VIDEO

Diego Boneta had an embarrassing but hysterical moment went his pants ripped in the middle of a dance. He was in the makeup room and his wardrobe couldn’t take it when he decided to dance some disco. The loud rip made everyone bust out laughing and the reaction of everyone present made it even funnier. […]

Diego Boneta Loses Abs

Diego Boneta was once the proud of owner of abs of wonder – but not anymore. The actor took some days off in Miami Beach and showed off his new physique while taking a dip in the ocean. He still looks good, just not as ripped. We’re not sure if he packed on the pounds […]

Diego Boneta Releases New Single The Hurt

Diego Boneta has released a new single. This new one is called “The Hurt” and it will be part of a series of six digitally released songs that includes 2 Spanish singles. Of this new project, Diego says: “It is very important for me to be able to release songs in both English and Spanish. […]

People En Español Names Los 25 Más Fashion

They already have ‘Los 50 Más Bellos’…but did you know they also list ‘Los 25 Más Fashion’?? “People En Español” has published a new edition of their magazine naming the most fashionable celebs. Who made the cut?? We have some names. Jennifer Lopez, Sofia Vergara, Genesis Rodriguez, Ana Brenda Contreras, Ricky Martin, William Levy, Rafael […]

Diego Boneta Joins New Series Scream Queens

Nonstop in Hollywood! Diego Boneta will be a lead in the new series “Scream Queens,” produced by FOX. The horror-comedy comes from the creators of “Glee” and is scheduled for Fall 2015. The series follows a college campus, rocked by a series of murders. Diego plays the role of a handsome bookish student at the […]