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Tierra De Reyes Cast Gathers to Watch First Episode

Telemundo premiered its new novela “Tierra De Reyes” and threw a fancy party for the first episode. The cast gathered to watch and celebrate and of course take pics on the red carpet! CLICK HERE to see the photos.

Telemundo Taking Billboards Digital Coverage to New Levels

Telemundo is kicking digital ass! They are collaborating with the social media teams from NBCUniversal’s E! and its sister cable network mun2, together with Billboard’s Magazine, Business & Latin Music divisions, to deliver the most innovative social TV experience for its 2014 Billboard Latin Music Awards, to be broadcast live on Thursday, April 24 at […]

mun2 Gets Into The Late Night Game

mun2 is getting into the late-night show – well, ‘casi’ late night! The network will be debuting “El Show de Erika Casi Late Night”, hosted by Erika De La Vega, on Sunday nights at 1AM EST/10PM PST – with the premiere taking place on April 6th. She’ll be interviewing and having fun with stars like […]

Cynthia Olavarria Visits The Combate Americas House

A beauty queen and MMA fighters under the same roof! What is mun2 thinking??? This week on “Combate Americas” (Sunday at 10:00 p.m. PST/9:00 p.m. CST), the fighters’ household is showing the beginnings of rivalries when the combatants receive a surprise visit! Telemundo actress Cynthia Olavarria arrives unexpectedly with

Top Chef Estrellas Stars Present Show to The Press

We got our first glimpse of Telemundo’s “Top Chef Estrellas” and now we’re excited to watch!! There are many celebrities participating this season and we got to see Cynthia Olavarria and David Chocarro chatting to the press about the show and their cooking skills – or lack thereof! Host Aylin Mujica also was present to […]